Coffee In The Night

Coffee In The Night

Coffee In the Night
“ This espresso martini is the perfect blend of two of my favorite things coffee and alcohol.”
Words by Rico Laing

Photos by Bryan Trench

Coffee drinking goes beyond culture and is part of a daily routine. For many of us skipping coffee in morning is like going outside with no clothes on. Unfathomable. In almost every culture on earth coffee holds a integral part in cultural traditions. Coffee fuels our progress wether that is getting us out of bed in the morning or powering us through a late night in the office. But not only does coffee fuel our ambitions it also brings us together with friends, family and helps us build communities. Coffee has been a social drink ever since it has been discovered and is the perfect way to socialize. Wether meeting an old friend, going on a first date or creatively need to brainstorm for a project.

April 23rd at Citizens Oyster Bar in the heart of Fenway we celebrated the release of the new Coffeerun Coffee which includes Colombian, Costa Rican, Ethiopian and Whiskey beans. CoffeeRun Coffee is roast to order which will be freshly roasted, packaged and shipped within 2-5 business days of completion of order.

The creation of the espresso martini as been accredited to a British bartender Dick Bradsell. Cocktail legend has it that a young, future supermodel sat at the bar and asked Bradsell to make her a cocktail with coffee. He mixed a drink using vodka, coffee liqueur and a shot of espresso. Bradsell was a star of the London bar scene at this time creating other popular cocktails such as the Bramble,Russian Spring Punch and Treacle.

1/2oz simple syrup
2oz Vodka
1/2oz Coffee liqueur
1oz CR espresso


Add all ingredients to a shaker
Fill with fresh, cubed ice and shake hard
Double strain into a chilled compete
Garnish with three coffee beans

Rule1: Espresso
The most important part to this cocktail is a well made shot of espresso. Allow the coffee to cool down slightly as it will prevent too much ice dilution. When deciding on the roast to use go with a coffee roast you love I recommend the CR Ethiopian or Columbian roast.

Rule 2: Shake
The most satisfying part of a great espresso martini is the cream which is the foamy, silky layer that sits at the top of the cocktail. The natural oils in the coffee combine with the air bubbles to form a tasty froth and the only way to achieve this is with a good shake.

Rule 3: Sugar
Not everyone is a fan of sugar in their coffee especially if your customer likes their coffee strong tasting leave it out. If your customer likes their coffee on the sweeter side feel free to add a little more than the 5ml of syrup that was recommended.

Rule 4: Vodka
Vodka is obviously the biggest ingredient and plays a massive role in the espresso martini. You will need a quality vodka that will bring some quality flavor other than the alcoholic strength. There are many Vodka’s out there that will mix well with the espresso martini but if you need any recommendations Titos or Ketel One will be perfectly fine.
Rule 5: Presentation
It’s very very espresso martinis are actually served in martini glasses these days as they serve better in a coupe glass especially if filled to the brim. The most note worthy tradition that we can not overlook is the three coffee bean garnish. Delicately place the three beans on the cream to add the great coffee aroma to the cocktail.

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